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Graduation Requirements

Oklahoma State College Prep Core Curriculum Graduation Requirements

The Oklahoma State Board of Education has set the following requirements for a standard high school diploma:                                           

                                                       23 Total Credits are required to graduate                                                                                                          

  • 4 English Credits 
  • 3 Mathematics Credits – Algebra I, and higher. (If Algebra I is taken in 8th grade it does not count as one of the 3 math credits)
  • 3 History Credits – ½ credit in Government,  ½ credit in Oklahoma History, 1 credit in US History,  1 History credit of choice 
  • 2 Computer or world Language Credit
  • 1 Fine Art Credit
  • 1 Additional Unit Credit– History, Science or Math
  • 6 Electives minimum
  • Personal Finance Literacy


Assessment Requirements

All students graduating from Porter Schools will be required to take the ACT, US History, and Science state tests during their junior year. The test will be provided as part of the state testing requirements. CPR training is offered to all the students during their senior year in the Spring semester. 

  • CPR Certification
  • Pass U.S. Naturalization Test
  • All ICAP Requirements Completed 
  • ACT or SAT – With Writing
  • US History State Test
  • Science State Test