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Student Council By Laws

Porter Student Council Bylaws

Article I: NAME
This organization shall be known as the Porter Consolidated School Student Council. (STUCO)
        Section 1: The purpose of the Porter Consolidated School Student Council shall be:
A.       To establish closer cooperation between the faculty and students of Porter Consolidated Schools.
B.      To establish standards of education, school, spirit, and honor based on school pride.
C.      To provide democratic school government through representation and participation of the school body in school affairs.
D.     To promote the general welfare of the school and community.
         Section 1: Three senators shall be elected to the Student Council from each 9-12 class.
         Section 2: Qualifications for senators shall be:
A.       Grades-“C” average, with no “F”s.
         Section 3: The duties of the Student Council Senators shall be:
A.      To attend the general meetings.
B.      To have one vote in legislative matters.
C.      Be a member of committees as needed.
D.     To report all Student Council information to his/her class.
         Section 4: Senators shall be removed from the council if they receive ten (10) demerits based
                    on the merit system established in Article V Section 7.
         Section 5: All vacancies created in the position of the senator shall be filled by election of the
                    Council of those whom are serving or committees. 
         Section 6: Student Council will be open all year for new committee members to join. These
                   members will pay the set amount of dues.
Article IV: Officers
         Section 1: The officers of the Student Council shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary,           
                   Treasurer, and Reporter.
         Section 2: The candidates for the Student Council office must obtain a petition consisting of the                     signatures of 20 students and 5 teachers. The campaign week shall consist of
                  speeches by each officer and senator candidate to the student body. Speeches will
                  only be necessary if there is more than one candidate for that office. Elections shall
                  be held in April each year. 
         Section 3: Qualification requirements for officers shall be:
A.      Junior or Senior status (Freshmen may run for an office as a sophomore if he/
she has served on the Council).
B.      Grades; “C” average with no “F”s.
          Section 4: The office of the president shall be occupied by a senior, and the office of the vice
                   president succeeding to the presidency upon graduation of the President shall be
                   occupied by a Junior. All offices must be held by a Senior, Junior, or Sophomore;
                   who has been in the council for one (1) semester.
Article V: Duties
          Section 1: The President shall:
A.      Preside over all general council sessions or executive committee meetings.
B.      Appoint all chairmen of all standing or special committees.
C.      Coordinate execution of the constitution and bylaws.
D.     Call special meetings of the general council or executive committee, with the approval of the advisor(s).
E.      Attend Basic camp, sponsored by the OASC, the summer before their presidency.
F.       Oversee all activities and projects supported by the council.
G.     Assign merit opportunities.
         Section 2: The Vice President shall:
A.      Assume all the duties of the President in case of his/her absence or removal from office.
B.      Perform all duties delegated to him/her by the President of the council.
C.      Take pictures of council activities throughout the year.
D.     Be an ex-officio member of all standing committees.
E.      Participate in all activities and projects sponsored by the council.
         Section 3: The Secretary shall:
A.      Keep and maintain a record of minutes.
B.      Keep a file of school activities.
C.      Answer and keep track of all correspondence.
D.     Distribute a copy of the minutes to each member of the council within three (3) days of each meeting.
E.      Participate in all activities and projects sponsored by the council.
         Section 4: The Treasurer shall:
A.      Attend to all financial matters and act upon all appropriations and expenditures.
B.      Submit a full report, upon request and at each meeting, of the funds of the Student Council.
C.      Participate in all activities and projects sponsored by the council.
        Section 5: The Reporter shall:
A.      Report all activities of the council to the proper news media.
B.      Coordinate and execute the advertisement of the Student Council’s activities around the school.
C.      Maintain the upkeep of the Student Council bulletin board.
D.     Participate in all activities and projects sponsored by the council.
       Section 6: Officer Obligations
A.      Should an officer be unable to fulfill his/her duties he/she shall be replaced by the opposing candidate with the next highest votes or, if unavailable, by a person of the council’s election.
B.      Once an officer accumulates five (5) demerits, he/she will be immediately placed on probation. The officer will be allowed one (1) week to gain merits and get off probation or he/she will be removed from the council.
C.      The preceding and following duties need to be completed by the officer on time, or he/she will receive demerits.
Monthly duties (before/during meetings):
            President- Complete and agenda for the meeting.
            Vice President- Have an up-to-date merit/demerit report prepared.
                                     Assist the President in any way needed.
            Secretary- Take minutes.
            Treasurer- Have an up-to-date financial report prepared.
Reporter- Speak on any news that has been reported to the media.
*Officers will receive two (2) demerits if items are not prepared.*
After Each Meeting:
Reporter- bulletin board and memo
*The reporter will receive two (2) demerits for each day that these tasks are not done.*
         Section 8: The Merit System-
            A merit system shall be followed by the members of the Student Council. Demerits shall
be given to members who do not follow the stated duties. If a member accumulates
five (5) demerits, he/she will be given notice a written and oral notice. If a member
accumulates ten (10) demerits, he/she will be given notice of their removal from the
council. If a member is removed from the council, they are no longer eligible to run for
a position on the Student Council throughout their high school career. A member may
earn merits by completing community service or a task delegated by the President or
A.      Minuses
a.      Absent at meeting- 3
b.      Absent during activity/project- 3
c.       Tardy to meeting- 1
d.      Tardy to activity/project- 1
e.      Leaving meeting early- 1
B.      Demerit Outline
a.      Five demerits- Probation
b.      Ten demerits- Removal
C.      Pluses
a.      Assigned duty by President or advisor- 1 merit
Article VI: Meeting and Quorum
Section 1: The general council shall meet whenever deemed necessary by the president of the
                  the Student Council or by 2/3 vote of the quorum of the executive committee. The
      meetings shall be conducted at the appropriate time.
Article VIII: Advisors
Section 1: The advisor(s) shall be members of the faculty and the ex-officio members of all the
      committees. They shall advise the council in any way they deem necessary and shall
      assist the council in any way possible. The advisor(s) may override any decision  
      made by the council.
Article IX: Committees
Section 1: Committees will be formed as needed.
Section 2: Standing committees shall:
A.      Have a chairperson from the Student Council appointed by the President with the approval of 2/3 of the general council.
B.      Consist of Student Council members and interested members of the student body.
C.      Cary out the duties delegated to it.
D.     Be added as called for by the Student Council.
E.      Present a written and/or oral report of the activities to the general council.
F.       Have a faculty member as advisor whenever possible.
Section 3: Chairpersons and members of committees from the student body may attend
meetings held at the school, but are not permitted to go on out-of-school activities
unless deemed necessary and proper by the Student Council President, with approval
from the advisor(s) and administration.
Article X: Limitations of Power
Section 1: Any action taken by the Student Council is subject to the approval of either the
Superintendent, Principle, or advisor.
Article XI: Amendments
Section 1: Amendments to this constitution may be presented in writing by the executive
committee; the administration through the advisors; or the students through the
Student Council Representatives. Amendments to this constitution shall be approved by
2/3 of the Student Council members present at the meeting at which it is presented.
Article XII: Bylaws
Section 1: This constitution shall be ratified by the administration and by the affirmative vote
      of 2/3 of the members present at the Student Council meeting. 
Section 2: Regular monthly meetings of the Student Council shall be conducted according to
       the following program:
A.      Call to Order
B.      Roll call
C.      Reports of officers and committees
D.     Reading of the minutes
E.      Old business
F.       New business
G.     Miscellaneous
H.     Adjournment
Section 3: The Student Council shall have any fundraisers—approved by the administration—
      that are deemed necessary to the function of the council.
Section 4: If a vacancy occurs for any Student Council office, the President shall have full
      appointive powers, subject to review by executive committee and the approval of
      2/3 of the general council.
Section 5: The Student Council shall, with the approval of the administration, have the power
      to delegate any authority which it deems necessary for its function.
Section 6: The Student Council of Porter Consolidated Schools shall be the supreme authority
of all student organizations within the school. The decisions of the student body in           
all relations between the student body and the administration.