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Porter Pirate Softball

(please note that this schedule has both High School and JH on it)

2017 Porter Lady Pirate Softball Schedule

June 7th, 2017                     Scrimmage at Keys                          2 games               11am/12:30pm 918-931-9778

July 29th 2017                      Scrimmage at Warner                    2 games               TBA                        918-348-0541

Aug. 1st & 3rd 2017            Scrimmages at Oktaha                   2 games each day        TBA            918-616-2464

Date                                      Location                                               Opponent                           Time

Aug. 10th – 12th                  Dewar   Tournament                           TBA                                        TBA

Aug. 14th, 2017                   Home                                                   Midway  HS/JH                   4:30    CANCELLED

Aug. 15th, 2017                   Home                                                    Gans HS/JV                         4:30

Aug. 17th, 2017                   Home                                                    Haskell HS/JH                     4pm

Aug. 19th, 2017                   Liberty Festival (3 games)                  TBA CANCELLED                TBA   CANCELLED

Aug.22nd, 2017                   Home                                                    Webber Falls JH/HS            4:30

Aug. 24th – 26th                  Chouteau Tournament                        TBA                                      TBA

Aug. 28th 2017                    Gans                                                      Gans HS/JV                         4:30

Aug. 29th, 2017                   Home                                                    Warner JH/HS                    4pm

Aug. 31, 2017                     Midway                                                    Midway HS/JH                    4:30

Sept. 5th,2017                     Home                                                    Keys HS/JH                          4:30

Sept. 7th-9th                         Mounds Tournament                         TBA                                       TBA

Sept. 11th, 2017                 Home                                                    Dewar JH/HS                       5pm

Sept. 12th, 2017                 Webber Falls                                        Webber Falls JH/HS            4pm

Sept. 14th, 2017                 Keys                                                        Keys HS (1)                           6pm

Sept. 15th, 2017                 Home                                                     Liberty JH/HS                       4:30

Sept. 19th, 2017                 Lincoln Christian                                  Lincoln Jh/HS                       4:30

Sept, 21st, 2017                  Districts