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Pledge of Allegiance (elementary age >virtual learning days): 


Pledge of Allegiance (older students > virtual learning days):


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Porter School Library Online Catalog (Destiny)

Porter School Study Island

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                               Welcome Back Students!                  

To Porter Students and Families,

   I really missed seeing everyone! Now that we are back in school, you may return your library books and textbooks Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m.-3:00p.m. . If you cannot find them, please stop by the library to let me know so we can work together on it.

   Our Porter Schools’ Care Closet is open for business! Stop by the library to visit the Care Closet for personal hygiene items graciously donated by kind citizens of Porter.

    In the library, we have lots of new graphic novels, nonfiction books, series, and inspirational books. If you would like to add a book to our library collection to read, please email me your book requests- Title and Author.                                                  

                                                                          Love, Mrs. Hamilton

                                                                        Porter School Librarian



                     ”CARE CLOSET”

The Care Closet has personal hygience products, gloves, and caps for any student at Porter Schools who needs it. The “Care Closet” is located in the Porter School Library. Items have been graciously donated by caring citizens. Donations are always greatly appreciated!

care closet 4

care closet 1care



Maker Space in the Library

maker space


Book Collections in the Library

patriotic 3patriotic


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ARTWORK by super talented Porter students!

Students may drop by the library to get their poster that is shown in this photo below (from last year).

artwork from students


I missed you during the spring and summer of 2020!










                                                                             More free resources available temporarily

Britannica Digital Learning is offering MORE free resources as part of their COVID-19 response

Check their Temporary Access category by clicking here:   Digital Prairie's Research and Discovery page to find out how to access free e-books in the following categories:

  • Elementary Spanish
  • Elementary STEAM
  • Elementary ELA
  • Middle School Social Studies
  • Middle School STEAM
  • High School STEM
  • High School World History

Access will remain free through June 30, 2021, from any device you choose, both online and offline. While on the Research and Discovery page, explore all of the other free library and information resources available to every Oklahoman thanks to ODL's statewide contract with EBSCO.


Libraries and schools…

While everyone is welcome to access these resources through Digital Prairie, Britannica has given all libraries and schools permission to link to these free e-books on their websites and information portals. You can even e-mail the link, user name, and password to your patrons and students:


Complete URL:

Username:  freebritannica

Password:  ebooks


Read more about accessing these ebooks


Plus! Britannica has temporarily waived copyright restrictions so you can print and make copies of the resources for instructional purposes!


Whether you're conducting or supporting distance education, or just reading for your own knowledge and pleasure, we hope you enjoy these new e-book selections from Britannica!


Stay safe out there!



















ONLINE ONLY 2020 Fall Book Fair- FOLLETT

October 5-13, 2020




Special Events:



Porter Library Online Follett Bookfairs

>Oct. 1-13,2020   The Library Contest is ending Thurs. Oct. 1 in the library!

      October Bookfair Flyer


>March 1-11, 2021 The Library Contest is ending Thurs. Feb. 25 in the library!




Bushel of Books Grant

A Bushel of Books were graciously donated by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture and Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee. The agriculture-related books, game and curriculum build awareness, understanding, and promote an accurate perception of agriculture through education. The Bushel of Books grant application was written and submitted by Celicia Hamilton, Porter School Librarian. 


Bushel of Books Grant

The Bushel of Books, ag-curriculum, and a fun agriculture game are being used in Susan Rush’s science classes during and after school !