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Livestock Show

Posted Date: 02/26/2018

Steer Division

Seth Campbell:  Reserve Grand Champion Steer

Heifer Division

Hayley Bobbitt:  Breed Champion Beefmaster

Tracy Criner:  Breed Champion Main Heifer

                       Breed Champion Commercial Heifer

                       Reserve Breed Champion Commercial Heifer

                       Overall Grand Champion Heifer

                       Champion Senior Beef Showman

Addie Criner:  Breed Champion Simmental Heifer

                       Champion Junior Beef Showman

Wyatt Hunter:  Reserve Breed Champion Shorthorn

Hailee Sutton:  Breed Champion Shorthorn

Swine Results for Wagoner County Jr. Livestock Show

McKinzee Todd Overall Grand Champion

Libby Buckmaster Overall Reserve Grand Champion

McKinzee Todd Champion Intermediate Swine Showman and 

      Champion of Champions Swine Showman 

Individual Breed Results:


Cash Robinson Breed Champion

Kate Buckmaster Reserve Breed Champion


Will Buckmaster Reserve Breed Champion

Reagan Bookout 5th overall Chester

Kailey Guinn 8th overall


 Mikayla Kilgore Breed Champion

 Hailee Fletcher 5th overall 

 Molly Buckmaster 6th overall 

 Blayton Rush 9th overall


McKinzee Todd Breed Champion

Creed Kilgore Reserve Breed Champion

Riley Rush 4th overall 

Kate Buckmaster 5th overall

Kailey Guinn 6th overall

Libby Buckmaster 7th overall

Mikayla Kilgore 8th overall 

Will Buckmaster 9th overall

Neilee Guinn 10th overall

Hayley Seals 14th overall


 McKinzee Todd Breed Champion

 Creed Kilgore Reserve Breed Champion

 Neilee Guinn 3rd overall

    Emily Snow 4th overall


 Will Buckmaster Breed Champion

Andrea Rush Reserve Breed Champion

Hailee Fletcher 3rd overall

Braden Nelson 5th overall


 McKinzee Todd Breed Champion

Andrea Rush 3rd overall

Blayton Rush 4th overall


Libby Buckmaster Breed Champion

Karlie Guinn Reserve Breed Champion

Kate Buckmaster 6th overall

Creed Kilgore 7th overall

Logan Jones 9th overall

Blake Cole 12th overall

Reagan Bookout 14th overall


Other Swine Exhibitors

Caden Snodgrass

Jackson Cole