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Posted Date: 08/09/2022



The OSSAA Board of Directors has adopted a new Board Policy to address the growing concerns regarding sportsmanship in member schools. The new policy, printed below was established to address unsportsmanlike acts that are not covered by the playing rules of the game. Examples include but are not limited to incidents of fans entering the playing surface to engage in acts such as fighting or confronting a game official. Any unsportsmanlike act such as two technical fouls accessed a player or coach during a basketball contest resulting in an ejection, or any other ejection of a coach or player by a contest official would not be categorized as “egregious” since the penalty is covered by the playing rules of the game.

“In education-based activities, it is our priority to ensure the safety of all involved as well as to provide a wholesome environment for students to participate. In an effort to keep egregious acts of unsporting conduct from escalating, the Board adopted a Policy to deal with such issues should they occur. It is our hope no school is ever put in the position to implement the penalty associated with the new policy.” explained David Jackson, Executive Director of the OSSAA.


Any time an egregious act of unsportsmanlike conduct occurs two or more times during the same season, at the same school, in the same activity, the team and/or individual will be suspended from participation in that activity for the remainder of the season. Egregious acts of unsportsmanlike conduct will be defined as instances not within the OSSAA adopted rules of the contest. In the event the second act of misconduct occurs when there are no contests left in the current season, the penalty will be applied to the next season in the same activity. The OSSAA will notify the school that the team and/or individual has been placed on warning after the first offense. Unsportsmanlike acts under this policy will include acts by coaches, players, or spectators.