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 If you would like to be able to check your child's grades on line, then you need to email ....

Rochelle @ rmoore@porter.k12.ok.us

You need to send her your child's name and birth date. After verification, you will be sent information on how to access this information.


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Porter Consolidated Schools
P.O. Box 120
Porter, Oklahoma 74454
Phone: 918-483-2401
Fax: 918-483-2310

Please take a moment to fill out the appropriate survey about our school lunches.  It will help our cafeteria staff to continue to provide quality meals.

Survey for middle school/high school student     Survey for staff and teachers     Survey for parents/guardians 


DECEMBER 10TH, 2016 NOVEMBER 4TH, 2016 NOVEMBER 5-18, 2016
FEBRUARY 11TH, 2017 JANUARY 13TH, 2017 JANUARY 14-20, 2017
APRIL 8TH, 2017 MARCH 3RD, 2017 MARCH 4-17, 2017
JUNE 10TH, 2017 MAY 5TH, 2017 MAY 6-19, 2017

All freshman-seniors are encouraged to take the national ACT.  Please register at www.act.org, if there are any questions contact Mrs. Guinn.




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Porter Consolidated School District is committed to providing an exciting and rewarding educational experience.  Administrators and staff are here to help you and your child reach established goals.  We encourage parents and students alike to get involved with our school system.  We have many organizations, athletics opportunities, and academic pursuits in which to participate.  We want our students to leave our school as well-rounded citizens.  Our staff sets high standards for all of our students.  We  realize that it takes not only the child's desire to succeed, but a strong support from the home.   We hope you appreciate all of the work we put forth in educating the children of Porter!!

Mark Fenton



2016 District/High School

Teacher of the Year

Sherrye Smith


2016 Elementary School

Teacher of the Year

Paige Pratt

Reading Proficiency      
    In order to obtain your Oklahoma State Driver’s License, you must meet “Satisfactory” or “Proficient” on a state mandated Reading test. The state testing is administered every spring. However, the counselor also offers alternate tests 4 times a year. If you have questions regarding this, please check the counselor’s link or contact the school.